Monday, April 30, 2001

I gots this emale from some guy calling himsef "kkelly".

"Hey Dude...! What's up with that stupid talk? It's NOT funny!"

Holly SHIT!! If I not Misstakken, I just been insullted! Yes, INSULTED! You thinking im NOT funny? FUNNY??!! Whose tryig to be FUNNY samartass?? Inglish is wat is is so if you having not skills to get it an find that funny I's suggist you skrew yoursilf and get a new name kkkkkkely. bah! stupidiest name ever red. Get a a life! brownnoser bootlicker fingur paker!!!

I's seen great movies in recent times! Leinil Yu the Xmen dude let me barrow his DVDs. Chasing Amy, American Movie, Army of Darkniss. I's not seen Amry of Darkniss yet (lots of big work) but man! Chasing Amy absolitly cool!! Me ofendid a bit by stupid inker crack. Damn you Kevin Smith! You cool! Movie is cool! But that stupid inker crack will haunt us inkers for all years in the future!! I's swer if any a smartass makes stupid tracer crack at me I stab you with my teknikul pen dude I swer. Mark my words. I's go Liefeld on your ass.

MaRk Borchardt you cool man! Mark is indie filmaker which is subjict of movie American Movie. Its sooo funny I could maybe laugh dying. Its also a little sad. Becouse its all true like a dockumentery. Mark is a true people. So more funny that is.

Sunday, April 29, 2001

Me saw bright light in da sky! Very fast, like a, uh...a speeding bullet! It was dark see, becouse it was like night or something. And me look up and there it WAS! It can't be a airplane becouse planes blink at night! Yes, me smart to know that. Very few people not know that. It can't be comet, becouse any normal person know comets don't come until the TV says so. TV don't mention it so ergo, not a comet like that at all. Truly. Can't be a kite too because like DUH. Everybody know kites don't fly at night. So what it is? Me believe me saw Space Station!! So coooolness! Me blown myself up! Me so happy me insane.

Me no want comic artist anymore. Me want to study space. Me want to look into telescope all night. Me want to study planets and how to maybe raise chickens there. Me want to know all about science like that. Yes that right!! Me want to be SCIENTOLOGIST!!

Thursday, April 26, 2001

Oh no!! Something happening!! Me getting stupid! Oh nooooooo

What an outburst. I get like that when I'm angry. I'm like the Hulk, see. When I get angry I get all crazy and stuff. But only with words though, and if I'm like totally pissed, I'd do a comic book about it. Then you watch out. That's right. I'm gonna go Liefeld on your ass.

Inking Fantastic Four!! Whoppee! 6 pages only tho. And I get to ink only the Thing. But thass cool. Thing is cool! He beat stupid people senseless. I gets to ink Xmen too soon! Nye he he. Wolvie dude, you mine now!

Me see Chasing Amy. Damn. Me inker. Me wanna go off on Kevin Smith but me know Kevin Smith only kidding or is he? Yes, I admit. Me tracer. TRACER. Happy? HAPPY? hmp.

Wednesday, April 25, 2001


When Budjette Tan sent me the cover to Powers #10 I was absolutely stunned! I thought it was amazing, incredible, astounding, whatever.

The similarities of the cover to my own cover of Wasted (released ahem, in 1997), are uncanny. Still, I'm quite convinced it's a coincidence. I mean, jeez, Bendis would have never seen my book at all. We printed what, 500 or so copies? How many people ever get to read that, much less one of the most promising creators living on the other side of the world who, most likely have never heard of me at all.

Still, it is quite a sight to look at nevertheless. :)

Sunday, April 08, 2001

To the visitors of my site, hello! I would just like to know that I have a problem with my server and I can't check or send emails at this point. If you emailed me and I haven't replied, this is the reason. I'm only able to post here through the good graces of a friend of mine. I don't know when the server will be fixed. Who knows, it may well be fixed by the time you read this, or then again maybe not. See you all later...