Friday, April 21, 2006

Sonny Trinidad

Sonny Trinidad
Sparto, Pinoy Komiks

Dennis Villegas visited us last week and brought with him some remarkable comics original art for me to scan, not only for the online musueum, but also for the Masters of Philippine Comics Art book.

Dennis Villegas' collection of vintage komiks and original comics art is some of the most amazing I've ever seen. I thought it very important to make him part of this site, and the online museum has been nothing but enriched by his contributions.

The above artwork, courtesy of Dennis, is by Sonny Trinidad (also known as Celso Trinidad) from Sparto, published in Pinoy Komiks.

Trinidad began his professional career as Celso Trinidad, assisting Francisco V. Coching, which greatly influenced Trinidad's own work. He eventually grew on his own as an artist adapting several styles that fit both serious and semi-cartoony.

In the US, he has worked on many Marvel titles including Conan The Barbarian, Dracula, Morbius, Doc Savage and Bloodstone.

John Warner, writer of Bloodstone, wrote of Trinidad:

"The assignment went to Sonny Trinidad, who is very good. But you don't need me to tell you that, as you've no doubt seen his work on THE LAND TIME FORGOT, GABRIEL THE DEVIL HUNTER (from Haunt of Horror) and THE SEVENTH VOYAGE OF SINBAD (in Marvel Spotlight #25). In spite of having about two weeks to pencil, ink, and letter the entire job, I think it turned out very well." (Marvel Presents: Bloodstone #2)

Click here for a larger version of the above artwork.