Saturday, January 19, 2002

I'm currently inking High Roads #2 for Cliffhanger. While I do that, I'm also slowly progressing on The Yellow Shawl. For the first time, I'm doing this on 8"X13" bond paper instead of my usual 11"X17" vellum. This is because Corona bond paper has texture that is most receptive to the kind of drawing I want to do, which I can't do on vellum. I'm currently doing thumbnails on it, and again, this is probably the first time I'm doing thumbnails for all pages. I had done some thumbnails on Ochlocrat, but not on the scale I'm doing it for Shawl. I wish I did because it really does make approaching, composing and solving page layouts easier. The Yellow Shawl is written by National Artist Francisco Arecellana, and is adapted into comics script by writer Emil Flores. The script is rather tight, with very specific instructions from figure compositions to size of panels. I must admit I'm not this used to drawing from scripts this tight, but as I drew it, I find that I'm really enjoying it. Primarily because Emil has a very good sense for visual storytelling which is really amazing to realize while I'm drawing it. Just looking at the thumbnails I can tell that this will be a very good comic book from a story standpoint. I can't wait to finish it and see it in print!