Thursday, September 30, 2004

Batman-Danger Girl

Batman-Danger Girl

Written by Andy Hartnell
Pencils by Leinil Francis Yu
Inks by Gerry Alanguilan
covers by Leinil Francis Yu and J Scott Campbell
32 pages, full color
December 8
DC Comics

Danger comes to Gotham City in this action-packed 48-page Special featuring art by Leinil Yu and Gerry Alanguilan. Danger Girl mentor Deuce dispatches Abbey Chase, Sydney Savage, Johnny Barracuda and Valerie on an assignment in Gotham City, home base of Batman! Meanwhile, Donavin Crane -- archnemesis of the girls -- is also in the big G, and forms an unlikely alliance with one of Batman's greatest foes! Adventure, mirth and mayhem ensue as the Dark Knight joins forces with the hottest spy chicks in comics.

My current inking job! I gotta get cracking!

Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Komikero Interviews!

Interviews And Articles!

Leo Partible, Dell Barras, and Kevin Grevioux
Film and Comic Producer Leo Partible, Underworld Creator Kevin Grevioux and storyboard/comic artist Dell Barras talk about their lives in the world of comics, film, and animation.

Budjette Tan
Pinoys in the Panels
Article about comics and comics creators in the Philippines

Carlo Vergara
'Ang kagila-gilalas na comic book ni Carlo Vergara'
Interview with the creator of ZsaZsa Zaturnnah

Gerry Alanguilan
No Longer 'Wasted'
Interview with....ME!! :)

The last 3 articles come from Today's issue of the Philippine Daily Inquirer. (September 29)

I didn't know this was going to be at the Inquirer. It was just someone I knew (the husband of my sister in law's sister) who asked me for an interview and I said, cool! I did a lot of interviews lately. A couple have been as a resource person for guys doing their theses on comics, one was an interview with a La Salle school paper, another one is for a documentary about comics, and another one for Seeker magazine.

A while back I got really hesitant to do interviews because well, it started to get embarrassing talking about myself in things like this, really. And up to this day, I can't look at myself on TV (I've yet to even look at my cable interview a month or so back), I can't read articles like this about me on the newspaper, and when the Wasted movie's done, I'm sure I won't be able to stand looking at myself in it. I dunno, I think I just look really embarassing I guess.

I've agreed to do these recent interviews though, because I'm given the chance to talk about things I want to push and promote, like the Philippine Comics Museum and the art of our great masters in comics. Those I have no problem talking about. I could go on for hours talking about that and not feel embarassed reading about it afterwards.

As some of you may have noticed, I haven't been able to update the museum in a while. I'm just literally SWAMPED with work. I'm still finishing my segment in Siglo: Passion, inking Batman-Danger Girl, doing Johnny Balbona, writing the last few pages of the Lastikman script, and a 10 page art job for Graphic Classics. I have to finish them all before I leave for Bohol on October 17. ARGH! But I think I'll make it. I'll be gone for a week. I guess I'll be able to update my museum when I get back.

Thursday, September 23, 2004

Romeo Tanghal Sr.

Romeo Tanghal Sr.

"Drunk" by Romeo Tanghal Sr.

Romeo Tanghal is famous to comics fans as George Perez's partner in delineating the Teen Titan's adventures. He is also an accomplished painter. The above is part of a 12-part series that Romeo is currently doing, depicting life in the Philippines in the good old days.

Romeo Tanghal's Official Site

Saturday, September 18, 2004

Alex Niño's Burial Of Death

Alex Niño's Burial Of Death

This is the center spread of the February 1978 issue of Heavy Metal painted by Alex Niño. This was sent to me by Dell Barras and I thought I'd post it here. Thanks Dell! A large copy of this painting will be posted at the museum soon.

Alex was a regular contributor to Heavy Metal during the late 70's up the early 80's. His most notable work from this publication at this time was the adaptation of Theodore Sturgeon's More Than Human, and my personal favorite, Tap Dancing On a Tender Cerebellum.

Friday, September 17, 2004

No Images?

No Images?

If you aren't seeing any images on many of the posts, that's because my picture host, is down. They've been down before but never this long. They say they're fixing the problem, so the images should be up again in a few days. If not, and if this takes more than a week, I'll be hosting the images on my site instead.

Thursday, September 09, 2004

Johnny Balbona: WASTED

The other day I received an email from this girl, who really likes the character of Johnny Balbona a lot. Johnny Balbona is a character I created for Mango Comics' MWAHAHA! Humor Magazine. Johnny's...well, it's actually quite diffucult to describe him. He looks like my friend and komikero Johnny Danganan, but the voice that comes out of the character is me.

Before I forget, let me first say that you can soon download Johnny Balbona stuff on your phone if you're subcribed to SMART. he.he.

Anyway back to the story...amused by the email and the sincerity of the girl, I thought of a perfect way to thank her. See, Johnny Balbona will be falling in love in the next issue of Mwahaha... well that's in the November Issue. I said she could appear in the next issue of Mwahaha, and SHE could be the girl that Johnny falls for. She showed me her profile at friendster, and wow, she's cute. Johnny will absolutely fall crazy in love with her.

But the story doesn't end there....

In her list of friends at friendster....I saw my cover for WASTED. I thought well, someone used the cover as their pic in friendster. It happens. But when I clicked on it, I realized it was a profile FOR Wasted. And it's FULL. That means Wasted can't be my friend. WAAAH! Although I normally don't like adding groups or fictional characters, I'd probably make an exception in this case. The mere fact that Wasted has got this profile in friendster and it's full of friends, make me scratch my head again and wonder at how much I've understimated Wasted once again.

I'm have been all ready to pack Wasted up and move on to other things and I thought everyone would just forget about it too. But things like this..well, it makes me scratch my head again and think wow... I can't just let it go. I just gotta ride with it, and continue to be thankful that people support the work. I'm just overwhelmed, really.

Wednesday, September 01, 2004



Written by Gerry Alanguilan, Drawn by Arnold Arre
Colored by Edgar Tadeo
Coming in December from Mango Comics
Lastikman created by Mars Ravelo

I can finally share some artwork from Lastikman. It's a peculiar situation for me to be in. This is the first comic book I worked on where I'm solely the writer and had nothing to do with the artwork. It's allright, because after seing the art come in, I'm totally convinced that no one can draw my story better than Arnold Arre. This bit up there only scratches the surface of the character, vitality and energy of what Arnold is doing.

Having Edgar on board to color, I could never ask for a better team. I've worked with Ed previously on HIGH ROADS for Cliffhanger with penciller Leinil Francis Yu, and he did such a terrific job there that I knew Ed is one of the very few colorists that I would want to work with again.

Having been in the position to decide to bring those two artists in, I gotta say I've never regretted the decision, and I'm glad they both accepted.

Now I can only hope that I don't embarass myself by coming up with a crappy story. I owe it to those guys, and to Mango who trusted me with the assignment to do the best job I possibly can.

Lastikman is a character created by the late MARS RAVELO in 1964 with artist Mar Santana. It was serialized in the pages of Aliwan Komiks, published by Graphic Arts Service, Inc. (GASI) Lastikman appeared again in Holiday Komiks in 1968, also written by Mars Ravelo and drawn by Vir Aguirre and Hermoso Pancho.

Lastikman has been adapted several times to motion pictures, the first being a 1968 version with Von Serna (father of Snooky Serna) in the lead. It was followed in 2002 by another version starring Vic Sotto. Lastikman briefly appeared in 2004's Captain Barbell, another character created by Mars Ravelo.