Monday, February 27, 2006

Romeo Tanghal's Sariling Atin Komiks Update

Romeo Tanghal's Sariling Atin Komiks

Check out a huge TWENTY PAGE preview of Romeo Tanghal's upcoming "Sariling Atin Komiks!" Click on the logo above or HERE.

Additionally, Romeo Tanghal has a blog!

Mohicap, Palakpakin and Bunot Lake

Lake Tripping

After adapting the legend of Sampalok Lake, I fully intend to adapt the legends of all six remaining lakes of San Pablo City, all of which are very interesting in their own right.

Up until two Sundays ago, I've visited all but two, Mohicap Lake and Palakpakin Lake. My dad asked me to come with him to visit and take photos of his childhood hangout in San Dig, a place not easily accessible by car and would take some bit of hiking.

My uncle and dad hiking through the bush.

Afterwards, my dad asked if I wanted to see the lakes in the area which, coincidentally enough, are Mohicap and Palakpakin. I said, yes of course! I needed to take pictures of all the lakes so I can depict them accurately in the comics. So off we went.

My uncle at Lake Mohicap

Panoramic view, Lake Mohicap

Fisherman at Lake Palakpakin

Panoramic view, Lake Palakpakin

And just for the heck of it, we went to Bunot Lake as well. We haven't been to Bunot lake since I was a kid, so a return visit is long overdue.

Panoramic view, Bunot Lake

My brother sent me a sattelite photo of San Pablo City with all the lakes clearly visible. How cool is that? Google Earth really rocks! If you haven't downloaded this program yet, GO HERE. This program is amazing. Selected places are in crazy high res. You can see the pyramids in Egypt, buildings in New York in close up, see St. Peter's Basilica in Rome, see streets and houses in Cavite and Bulacan. I sure wish they'd add high res images of Manila and San Pablo soon!

But as it is, the clearest you can see of San Pablo is like this:

Our house is a five minute walk to the western edge of Sampalok Lake.

That Gaiman Comics Contest

My CTS flared up again after finishing Humanis Rex #11 that it made me incapable of finishing my entry to the Neil Gaiman/Fully Booked comics contest. To be honest, not being able to join doesn't make me feel as bad as letting down David Hontiveros yet again. I really wanted to do this for him than anything else. Heartfelt apologies to Dave with a sincere promise that I will make it up to you in a big way in the future.

Good Luck to all those who will join! Because of the high profile of this contest, and the fact that winners and runners up will be published, I really believe that this will bring out the absolute BEST in all who will join. I'm confident that this contest will see the debut of future superstars in Philippine comics.

Bumming Around

On an enforced break once again, I did some bit of writing, and edited together some photos and videos. Check out a Komikero music video and a short short film I did recently in my personal blog! :)

Nang Dahil Sa Trese
1 minute, 19 seconds

Daliri Ng Komikero
2 minutes, 35 seconds

"Daliri" Words and Music by Florante de Leon

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Hal Santiago

Hal Santiago
Mga Ligaw na Punglo
Written by Carlo J. Caparas
Espesyal Komiks #457
December 4, 1971

Hal Santiago's profile and art gallery has just been uploaded at the online museum. Click here or the graphic below.

Detail from Manila Boy Special cover from Kidlat Komiks #50.

Collage from Mga Bakal at Kalawang, Hal's current series from Liwayway Magazine, written by Ricardo M. de Luna.

Me and Hal Santiago, April 2004

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Hiwaga Komiks #96

Hiwaga Komiks #96
June 2, 1954
Ace Publications

Once in a while I'll feature a an issue of a vintage comic book including covers and selected artwork. This time around it's issue 96 of Hiwaga Komiks. This cover is a puzzle. It's a frustrating practice of artists of the time to not sign their work for the covers, and they can only be identified on the strength of the particular artist's style. Oftentimes it's easy to spot a Redondo or Alcala or Niño. Coching is usually easy to spot, but with a proliferation of artists who copied him closely, it makes some unsigned pieces difficult to identify beyond a shadow of a doubt.

Looking at the above cover, I gotta say, I'm stumped. At first I thought it was an Alcala, but the linework doesn't seem to bear it out. Some of the shadings seem reminiscent of Coching, but his linework would have been much bolder. Looking at the hands and the hair, the girl's face, they guy's eyebrows and eyes, and the flamboyance of the cupid, my best guess would be Nestor Redondo.

Any other thoughts?

Browsing the rest of the issue....

Teny Henson
Ito ang Aking Suliranin

Teny Henson sure is one very stylish artist. His compositions and linework are elegant and pleasing to the eyes. It's a crime that I haven't made a full profile/gallery of him yet, but that is forthcoming.

Alfredo Alcala
Written by Cirio H. Santiago

What's remarkable about comics during this time was its influence on pop culture and on the everyday lives of Filipinos. Many motion pictures are made based on comics stories, and in many cases, a particular story was already was already being shot on film as it was currently being serialized. Ifugao was no exception. Ifugao was only on its 24th installment when a movie adapting it has its opening day.

Aside from Ifugao, Alfredo Alcala had other movies based on his work currently being shown. One other was Ukala (Ang Walang Takot):

Ukala is a story written and illustrated by Alcala which had been serialized in Pilipino Komiks only a year or so previously. Indicative of the length and breath of variety of comics of the time, Ukala was a story about Native Americans upon the first arrival of Europeans.

Nestor Redondo
Serafin Arcangel
Nestor Redondo's depiction of hell.

Federico C. Javinal
Magpakailan Man
Written by A. S. Tenorio

I met Federico Javinal a couple of years ago, just as he was retiring from drawing comics. What left an impression me was seeing one of his work tables. It was filled with compiled comic books of old stories which I had presumed to be his. He has worked in komiks since the very early days, and he has worked non-stop well into the 2000s. But what surprised me was that the compiled books were not by him, but by Francisco V. Coching. There were some books by him, but most of them were of Coching's.

It's no secret Javinal simply worships Coching and his work so much so that he has supplanted much of his own personal identity to draw very much like Coching. And talking with him about it, it seems he's perfectly OK with that. In a way it may be understandable as they collaborated on many stories including this one, where Coching wrote and laid out, and Javinal finished.

Although the two men's work are very similar, and would in fact may look identical to the casual reader, there are certain differences that set them apart.

Without taking anything away from Javinal's talent, as he's a very good artist in his own right, Coching is definitely the much superior artist. Although Javinal's work is much more detailed and much more carefully delineated,Coching's work is looser and much more dynamic, his linework thicker and bolder. There is no stiffness in Coching's work, a weakness that pops up in Javinal's work from time to time.

Tony Velasquez
Kenkoy at Rosing Castoria Ad

More featured comics in the future!

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Carlo Vergara, Arnold Arre, Humanis Rex

Graphic Classics: Rafael Sabatini

... has been finally released! I'm particularly happy with this volume specially because my pal Carlo Vergara has a 40 page story!

Here's a page from Carlo's adaptation of Rafael Sabatini's "Captain Blood", as adapted by writer Rod Lott. Very very nice work, Carlo. Congrats!

I also have an 11 page adaptation of Sabatini's "Plague of Ghosts" as written by Tom Pomplun. Here's a page from it:

For more info about this book click here. To buy this book at Amazon, click here.

Arnold Arre's "Ang Mundo Ni Andong Agimat" is now scheduled to come out on April 2006. Having seen some artwork from this universe Arnold is building, it definitely looks promising.

Wow, it looks like April will see a lot of new comics. My own ELMER: THE ULTIMATE CHICKEN story #1 will come out this April as well.

I've now read all three available issues of Budjette Tan and Kajo Baldisimo's TRESE and I've got to say it's gearing up to be one of the best comics we've seen in a long time. Three fantastic issues in a row *can't* be a fluke. Budjette Tan is now officially my favorite Filipino comics writer working today, and Trese my favorite comic book. The third issue "Our Secret Constellation", brought me to tears. Fans of Pinoy Komiks will find much to appreciate in this issue. I'll say no more.

I'm very happy that they are continuing to do this comic book, and I'm confident that this will eventually be compiled and be read by more people. A true classic in the making.

Congrats to Budjette and Kajo!

Commander Rodrigo Solomon. Humanis Rex! Part 11

I've been feeling somewhat bad the past week. It's affected my work somewhat, but I managed to finish installments of Johnny Balbona and Humanis Rex. However, it's put a serious wrench into my entry to the Neil Gaiman contest. It's possible that I won't finish, but what can I do? It seems the rest I took wasn't enough. I would feel really bad, not because I won't be able to join the contest, but because I'll be letting down Dave Hontiveros yet again. I already owe this guy so much. I'll make it up to you man, somehow, someway.

Me and Ilyn are planning a getaway sometime in April. We'll stay at our little resthouse at our place at San Dig, San Pablo city for a week. There's no electricity there so there won't be any computers, refrigerators, TV, radio, or anything technological. There won't even be a phone. There's water, but I think I'll get it in pails from somewhere. As for food, we have lots of fruit bearing trees around, but I think there's a point-point place some way down the road, just in case. he.he. I can make coffee with my new nifty coffee press.

I'll most likely spend my time just drawing and writing, and just spending some quality time with Ilyn (which I do often everyday anyway, but less is more definitely doesn't apply).

My good pal and Komikero Rene Enriquez took some really cool pictures of our place during the last Komikero meeting. Check out those pics here.

Rene, you're amazing, man!!

Monday, February 20, 2006

Romeo Tanghal's Sariling Atin Komiks

Romeo Tanghal's Sariling Atin Komiks

Many of you DC fans might be familiar with Romeo Tanghal's inking on various titles like Robin, Green Lantern and of course... TEEN TITANS! Who can forget his collaboration with the great George Perez and Marv Wolfman in telling some of the best superhero stories ever made?

But if you thought he only inked and went off to retire to enjoy the fruits of his labors, think again! Romeo Tanghal is back, not just as an inker, but as a writer, penciller, colorist and publisher on his own upcoming comics series "Sariling Atin Komiks"! And these are not just comics, these are comics celebrating his Philippine roots and are created with some of the best art I've seen him do.

What is with all our earlier-generation artists? Tony de Zuniga, Alex Niño, Hal Santiago, Rico Rival, Jun Lofamia, and now Romeo Tanghal... they're still going strong and are still pushing themselves, and are doing better work now than before.

I'll shut up for now and just let Mr. Romeo Tanghal talk about his project himself, and his reasons for doing it. Take it away, sir!!


It was year 1976 when I first arrived in the U.S. and resided in Detroit, Michigan. It was no artist haven. Every advertising company that saw my portfolio told me to GO TO NEW YORK!!! After a month of inhaling the air in the Automobile City, I moved to NYC. The first day there I showed my samples to DC Editor Joe Orlando, who gave me my first job! It was a Batman Christmas story. I was the penciller. Then Joe saw that I could also ink and he encouraged me to be an inker. Even Vince Colleta, the art director, told me there's more money in inking because I'm fast! And FAST became my 2nd name!

Whenever a lazy inker was in trouble, they pulled out pages and gave it to me. I could handle 3 to 4 books a month that most American artists wondered how I did it?!! And I told them, "WELL, I'M NOT DOING ANYTHING, I JUST DRAW!"

When DC gave me THE TEEN TITANS to ink and it became the best selling book, Marvel started to offer me jobs. When DC learned about it, they gave me an EXCLUSIVE CONTRACT. They doubled my page rate plus the fringe benefits of a regular employee and ROYALTY! Although I couldn't work outside DC without their consent, how could I refuse? And so I stayed with DC and the contract lasted up to 6 years until the popularity of the TEEN TITANS diminished. They pulled out the contract and gave me GREEN LANTERN. The ROYALTY and the Medical Benefits remained, but like an employee, they have to deduct a certain amount. That's the time I started accepting offers outside DC and my name was all over the comics stand. I worked with so many publications that I had to hire help.

When my family decided to visit the Philippines in 1986, I had with me 3 comicbooks to do, so I hired Nestor Malgapo, Abe Ocampo and Jomari Mongcal as inkers. I also tried working in animation in California but at the same time doing my regular comicbooks. Money was really GOOD!!! And I loved doing TWO JOBS! Sometimes it became THREE when i also accepted freelance storyboards. Imagine me erasing my finished pages inside the toilet of the Animation Studio, then sneaking out so I could mail my pages in to meet the DEADLINES!!! This went on for a long time until I couldn't bear to be away from my family anymore specially since my KIDS were growing up. So I decided to go back to New Jersey and worked only in comics.

My career as a comicbook illustrator lasted for 25 years until I finally decided to retire. When my wife died ( one and a half years ago ) I started to work on an old dream, and that's to publish my own komiks...SARILING ATIN KOMIKS!! Coming very soon! I'm very proud of this project.

Back in the Philippines when I was still there, I wrote and illustrated some short stories for Atlas Publication and For Pablo Gomez books. I WISH some collector will find and POST them so I can see them once more! I remember I have a regular series in one of Pablo Gomez' komiks titled "ME AND MY FIRST LOVE". I was recieving fan letters when it was published, specially among teenagers! I knew ever since that I'm a writer too!

So now that I have the time, I started to write. I'm sure you will LOVE my FIRST novel the "MALIGNO". It's my FANTASY as a KID!

Well, I was born in Paombong, Bulacan and as a KID, the river, forest, and fields were my playground. At night, We gathered around our lolo and listened to his stories about TIKBALANG, MANANANGGAL, ASUWANG, DUWENDE, TIYANAK,KAPRE, MULTO MANGKUKULAM, SIRENA AT SIUKOY AT KUNG ANO ANO PANG MALIGNO! And those stories stayed in my mind and even at my young age, I started to draw them.

When we moved to the city, I studied at F.Benitez Elementary School in Tondo. Then my High School years were at Torres High. Across the street was a comics stand that rented American comics. I skipped my recess just to rent and read THE VIKING PRINCE by Joe Kubert. Paulit-ulit kong inaarkila iyon and I was so impressed with the artist. That's when my desires to be a comicbook illustrator began. I never had any idea that someday, I'll be shaking hands with him! That's one unforgettable memories.

I also have happy thoughts of once living with Nestor Redondo, driving everyday with Fred Carillo, watching Alex Nino draw, and I lived next door to Rudy Nebres. I bet no artist could top that! One thing I regret though was I did not have the courage to visit Francisco V. Coching when I was living in Pasay city. I was still a young illustrator and a student of The LYCEUM of the Philppines, and I've been hearing rumors that my IDOL was just living nearby. I should have visited him and met him face to face before I migrated to the U.S.

Pasay City was called the SIN CITY of Manila, and that's where I learned the ropes of life. My BUDDY was Ading Gonzales, my mentor in almost everything my father wanted to teach me but can't say the words! And so from Ading, I learned not only of drfawing but also of women! With all the women in my life, I married Aurora C. Lintag and we had three kids, two boys and a girl. They are all grown up when she died but none were married yet. They are all TALENTED ARTISTS. My genes must be really strong!

Last year, 2005 I decided to moved back to where WE started, my first house. HERE, I want to re-start my life and this time...AS A WRITER/ARTIST/PUBLISHER.

-Romeo Tanghal, 2006


Thank you sir! I personally can't wait to see your new comics!

Check out Romeo Tanghal's NEW official site below, with preview pages from SARILING ATIN KOMIKS!

Romeo Tanghal Official Site

Saturday, February 18, 2006

The First Philippine Art Jamboree 2006

(Artwork by Jun Lofamia)

The First Philippine Art Jamboree 2006
Center for Filipino Heritage & Folk Art
U.P.DMST Complex,Diliman,Quezon City

February 3, 2006

Dear Fellow Artists and Co-Workers:

Mabuhay! We salute you as a co-worker in the field of arts and culture. Allow us to invite you to join in facilitating art activities and events during the Art Jamboree scheduled on February 24-25, 2006.

The 1ST PHILIPPINE ART JAMBOREE 2006 shall hold simultaneous events. Each event, listed hereunder, shall have its own respective committee, which you can join as a member-facilitator:
1. an Art Exhibit of paintings, sculptures and other forms of tribal, ethnic and folk art,
2. on-the-spot painting contests among students & young artists in four different categories,
3. demonstration and workshop on basic and advance illustration and painting,
4. demonstration on paper, clay and wood sculpture,
5. orientation on computer art and graphics,
6. demonstration on stained glass and other unique functional artistic forms
7. an Artists’ Patio featuring artists in action,
8. an Artists’ Parade and Convention,
9. Closing and Awarding Ceremonies

Further, we wish to invite you to join the Art Exhibit. We shall accept a maximum of four (4) artworks with frames not bigger than 2 ft x 3 ft. Please prepare your original art works framed and ready for hanging.

And most important of all is our invitation for you to join the Artists’ Convention. This is a fervent call for all of us to bind together in our quest for regeneration. Let us re-define our role and responsibility as artists, individually and collectively, in the cultural realm and the society in general. Let us determine our directions and options toward an improved quality of life for all Filipino artists. Let us start to create short-term and long-term plans to initiate our chosen plan of action. Let this be the start of a concerted effort and solemn commitment by all artists to uplift the arts and the artists.

There is so much for us to do. But as the saying goes, let us start with this historic first step, one step at a time. May we invite you to participate in this great cultural event? Please accomplish attached Commitment Form and submit through Mr. Danny Acuña, (02) 641-2112. Or you can call (02)915-0797 or email to confirm your participation. We shall be happy to work as a team with you. Thank you.

Very truly yours,

Founding Chairman


Executive Committee
Wishes to thank:

U.P. Commandant of Cadets
Quezon City Mayor Sonny Belmonte & Council
National Commission on Culture and the Arts
Department of Education
U.P. Corps of Cadets & Sponsors
U.P.Vanguard, Inc.
D-3800 Rotary Club of Ortigas East

Participating Artists & Cultural Workers:

Rafael Pacheco, Ed Maranan, Orvy Jundis, Jun Lofamia, Danny Acuna, Yaying Santos, Elizabeth Oropesa, Marie E. Aganon, Miles Valera, Serena Borras, Rich Pijuan, Lita Maderrazo, Leo Meneses, Ernie Patricio, Armando de Guzman, Rey Atalia, Joe Mari Mongcal, Rey Arcilla, Vic Dabao, Angelito Florendo, Antonio Daleon III, Adler Llagas, Nobel Pineda, Ernesto Solano, Angie Ferro, Carlos Pagalunan, Dionisio Pagalunan, Mario Pagalunan, Althea Gwyn Cadag, Zaldy Arbozo, Jezir Lascuna, Ria Garcia, Eddie Sajelan, Joseph Clavita, Carlos Donato, Vic Pachoco
Armida Francisco, Nante Geronimo, Andrea Geronimo, Fedick Geronimo, Ed Gelelan, Clem Rivera, Nick Aranda, Bong Gojar...

...for making this event meaningful.

Ms. Ligaya Santos, Col. Virgilio Aganon, Mr. Danilo Acuna, Mr. Mike Samante, Atty. John Barona, Mr. Nante Geronimo


Schedule of Activities:

February 24, 2006
8:00 a.m.


Head, UP Department of Military Science and Tactics
Chairman, Philippine Art Jamboree Executive Committee
University of the Philippines
Regional Director, Department of Education
Executive Director, National Commission on Culture and Arts
Mayor, Quezon City
National Artist
PALANCA Hall of Fame

Master of Ceremonies


February 24, 2006
3:00 p.m.


Dean, U.P. College of Fine Arts
• Below Age 7 Category ……. RC Ortigas East PRES. BILLY YOUNG
• Between 7 and 13 Age Category ……. DEAN GINNY DANDAN
• Between 13 and 17 Age Category ……. HON. COUNCILOR BETH DELARMENTE


February 25, 2006
2:00 p.m.
3RD Floor, UP Vanguard Building


February 25, 2006
5:00 p.m.

Chairman, Philippine Art Jamboree Executive Committee
• Above 18 Age Category
Chairman, Artists’ Convention

Finger Painter, Pacheco ArtReach Program
Head, UP Department of Military Science and Tactics

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Liwayway February 20, 2006

Jun Lofamia
Trahedya sa Komedya... Spot Illustration
Poetry written by Katherine Verances Marfal

Here's another peek into the latest issue of Liwayway Magazine, cover date February 20, 2006. For newer visitors to this site, Liwayway Magazine, at more than 80 years old, is the oldest Philippine magazine with comics still being published. It is considered as the birthplace of the Philippine comics industry when Tony Velasquez' created Kenkoy on its pages in 1923.

For more information on Liwayway, go here.

Rico Rival
Written by Pablo S. Gomez

Rico Rival has been in the business since the 60's, and he's better now than he was back then. I'm really liking his work now. Of course Pablo S. Gomez has been around much much longer than that. If I'm not mistaken, he has been around since the 40's, and he's still going strong! His stories are still adapted into television series right now. It only goes to show how enduring his work is.

Alfred C. Manuel
Ugaling Pinoy
Written by Perry C. Mangilaya

This strip mysteriously replaced "Buhay Pinoy", which was also being written and drawn by Mangilaya and Manuel. Buhay Pinoy, up until sometime last year, was the longest running comics strip in the country, began by Mars Ravelo decades ago on this same magazine, when it was still called "Buhay Pilipino". Ugaling Pinoy and Buhay Pinoy are, for all intents and purposes, very much the same, only with less cartoonish faces and figures, but they both delve into pretty much the same territory: the life and times of a typical Filipino family and their neighbors.

I can only speculate why they replaced one strip with something very similar that continues it. Perhaps they no longer had the rights, or perhaps the current creators would rather create something of their own. Maybe Dennis Villegas might know. Dennis?

But whatever the reason, the current artists of Liwayway seem to be quite inspired because they are doing some of the best work of their careers. Proving that watercolor work is not obsolete, and that computers are not the end all and be all of all things, these artists employ hand coloring with much success.

There was a suggestion not too long ago that me and "my group" of artists should work for Liwayway because we could do work that could uplift the quality of the magazine. I cannot agree or disagree. I will simply refuse. Hal Santiago, Jun Lofamia, Rico Rival, Abe Ocampo, Rod Lofamia and the many other artists who work here already uplifting the quality of the magazine. And like I said, they're doing some of the best work of their careers. I don't know what these guys ate or drank, but whatever it is, I want some!

As Reno Maniquis pointed out to me, it's notoriously difficult to get accepted at Liwayay. But lets just say that me and "my group" were able to get in, then what about all these other artists who are already working there? Some of them may well lose their jobs to us. And that is something I won't stand for. I'd rather see these people continue working there. I'm perfectly happy working somewhere else.

But I do hope to contribute at least one short story to the magazine one of these days. Maybe a Christmas story, or any kind of story that has a theme. Just one and I'll be perfectly happy.


Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Komikero March Meeting

Komikero Meeting sketch.
Lake Pandin, San Pablo City

Komikero March Meeting!

Everyone is invited!

The next Komikero meeting will be on March 12, 2006 from 10am until it gets dark. Venue will be Sampalok Lake, here in San Pablo City. If you wish to join us, use this pictorial guide:

If you are not yet a member of Komikero, your mere presence will automatically make you one! That, plus the initiation of course. Hazing is more like it. :)

But please don't forget that the purpose of our meetings is to sketch. So bring your sketcbooks, pencils, pens, watercolors, or any artistic implements you wish to use to draw.

Excecpt laptops or any other electronic gadget!

We know that many of us already use computers in our daily work. These Komikero meetings are designed to go back to the basics, just to remind your hands once in a while the feel of an actual pencil or pen in your grip.

And we don't draw superheroes, fantasy creatures and the like. This is a chance to take a break from that kind of stuff, even for a day.

We draw from LIFE! We draw from nature! The purpose of this is to develop your skills of observation, and to train your mind to draw without a style, to draw things how they really are.

This is not a contest! So don't feel shy about drawing or showing your work. We're here to help, or to be helped by you. We all have something to learn from each other.

If you feel this is up your alley, welcome!! I'll be there as early as 10 am. I'll be hanging out at AREA C. If you you wish to know where that is, please consult the map.

Kita kita na lang!!

Canossa College Fair Day 4

Canossa College Fair Day 4

Comic Book writer and illustrator Rudy Florese's family came over to visit on the last day of our exhibit.

My wife Ilyn, Mrs. Linda Florese and Jun.

A lot of Rudy's work, specially Kenkoy short stories in Pinoy Komiks were on display. He is known in the US as an artist on Tarzan and Korak.

Very few of his originals remain with the family, so I decided to collect as much originals of his as I can. I'm glad to say that one of my favorite stories of his, "Naging June Bride Din Si Lola", has been handsomely framed and is now hanging proudly on the wall of their house after so many decades of being away.

One other interesting thing to note on this last day was that a local politican visited the booth, and upon seeing all the artwork, some of which have been done by me, immediately talked to me about doing a comic book as campaign material for her for an upcoming election. I know this person in a roundabout way. She's the daughter of my mom's friend. Not only that, Ilyn knows her personally.

But I really don't like doing comics like this. Doing campaign materials for politicians. I did it once when I was younger but no more. You will end up just doing one side of the story, with all the negative things conveniently set aside. It felt so much like lying that it felt really bad for a long time. I still feel bad about it now.

Additionally, I don't like to publicly align myself to any politician or party. It comes back to being an artist. I really don't like to be limited at all. I'd like to keep my eyes open towards everybody all the time, and I can't afford to join a "side" and then act accordingly. "Accordingly" meaning I can no longer speak my mind frankly about that person, and I will always view the other guys as "opposition". I don't like it. If my voice needs to be heard, then I'll make sure it does when I cast my ballot.

Anyway, big thanks to those who have helped us with our exhibit. From left, there's Edjee Mendoza, Mylene Panagsagan, me, Ilyn and Zarah Macandili. Thanks also to the carpenter who looks a bit like Richie the Horsie, and dad, who helped us with the transpo.

Here's to next year, or if you can't wait, Komikon 2 sometime in October, and then the 2nd San Pablo City Comics Festival this December! Tentative date is December 5.


Saturday, February 11, 2006

Canossa College Fair Day 3

Canossa College Fair Day 3

Komikero reunion! Johnny "Balbona" Danganan, Raipo "I miss Johnny so much I can't help touching his hairy chest" Toledo, Jonas "Ang Bagong Bossing" Diego, and me.

I can only imagine what the salesgirl thought of four grown men buying and having fun with a little armless tranformer (that doesn't transform) toy.

And as if Johnny's sudden arrival wasn't surprise enough, we were all surprised by the arrival of our newest Komikero.... all the way from FRANCE!!

Ivan Brun is a French comic book artist who I met online several months ago, whose work startled me not only of the quality, but of the unmistakable Filipino sensibilities of his artwork.

He emailed me yesterday to say he was in the country, and that he would love to see my exhibit. Since it was pretty hectic for me, what with the fair exhibit and couple of deadlines, I replied I looked forward to see him the following week.

We had already packed up for the day and having our dinner at Caffe Curio when my mom called Ilyn's number to say that a French guy named Ivan was at the house looking for me.

OhmiGod! He actually found me. Amazing! He had come looking for me at Canossa College, but we had already packed up so he didn't catch us. He looked for someone who spoke English well, and luckily enough managed to talk to someone who knows my parents. Since our old house is only a few steps from the school, our family friend helped Ivan get to our house.

I immediately rushed home and brought Ivan back to Caffe Curio to meet the guys.

Raipo, Ilyn, me, Ivan, Johnny, Edjee, Zarah.

We spent the next couple of hours just talking comics and he gave me a big pile of French comics, the most adult of which Johnny quickly inspected with much affected disinterest.

He included some of his work including Lowlife, and CHONGS, works that reafirrmed my initial thoughts of his work as being very Filipino.

Ivan says he's been to the country many times as his mom lives in Palawan. It's no stretch to say that he's pretty fascinated with the Philippines. It's quite evident in his work, as if it's an integral, inseparable part of his art.

I felt bad that I couldn't entertain him as much as I wanted to, what with all the activities we were currently taking care of, but I invited him again when he comes back from wherever he is going in the country, to come back and I'll give him a tour of the town.

More Tomorrow!