Saturday, February 04, 2006

Johnny Balbona is Back!

Absent from the latest issue of Mwahaha, Johnny Balbona is back! And back with a vengeance! I'm working on an extra long Johnny Balbona adventure for the Superhero issue where Johnny has an extra "hairy" experience! I'm also working on the next installment of Humanis Rex, page two of the one I had finished before I took a break.

So guess who else is back? Thanks for all the messages, they're all very much appreciated.

The Crest Hut Butt Shop online strips, however, will take a momentary break as I look for a suitable alternate host for the images. Inspite of my boosted bandwidth, I still almost exceeded my traffic limit towards the end of the month. "Gerry's Big Book of Disgusting Deaths" has been concluded however, and can now be read in one go.

My one week break gave me sufficient time to think and reflect, and I've come to the realization that well, I can't stand taking a break. Against my better judgment, I found myself squeezing in work here and there. It got so bad that I just had to get out of the house. I found the chance to *at last* get back to Megamall after so many months.

I finally finagled "The Orc's Treasure" illustrated by Alex Niño, and the Nonoy Marcelo biography book "Huling Pytk: Da Art of Nonoy Marcelo". Reviews forthcoming!

I also did some bit of writing that would eventually appear here as articles on stuff that have concerned me of late.


I appreciate all advice sent to me about things I write here, but please bear in mind that I just like to rant and complain. I'm not really looking for sympathy, advice or relief goods, unless well, I ask for it, which I might do once in a while if I'm really stumped (or get really hungry).

I just like to rant that's all. I'm not called "Boy Reklamo" by some people for nothing. All of this is written after I've already done something about whatever I'm complaining about. This blog represents probably just 5% of my life, so a lot goes on that I never get to write about(or would I want to).

But even then, I do appreciate all messages and emails and letters to me and I'm grateful to know you all took precious time from your own lives to write to me, so please don't feel like I don't give a damn. All comments about my art are welcome of course, unsolicited or not.