Saturday, January 28, 2006

I quit!

I quit!

At least for a few days. I'm typing with my left hand as my right recuperates. After finishing coloring a page last night it got worse than it had been ever since it started, even though I'm no longer using a mouse. This happened during inking Silent Dragon, but never this intense because I never used the computer for work as often as this. Three of my major projects require color so I'm spending more time in front of the computer as I normally do.

Oh man, every move I make with my hand makes me want to scream. I can't even pull up my pants or brush my teeth let alone draw without agony.

So OK, against my will I'm taking a break.

Heartfelt and utmost apologies to everyone I owe work to at this time, including those checking out my regular Crest Hut strips, but I gotta take some time off, at least for a short while. Times like this I wish I was ambidextrous. I can't afford to stop work right now, but I no longer have a choice.

I think I can still do the Crest Hut stuff, because all those are already drawn. All they need is coloring, which is simple enough for me to do with my left hand. But with down a 2nd time this week, what does it matter? It's really starting to tick me off. That's why many images here don't appear. Those that do are hosted at photobucket.

Fucking technology.

It's something I can no longer live without, so it's just something I'm gonna have to deal with.

(But actually, I *can* live without technology if push comes to a shove. I'm already officially a freak [along with Ferres there] without a cellphone. I can live in the farm and grow my own chickens and vegetables to eat. Draw comics by hand by day and sleep at night, or work by candlelight. I can be one of those hermits who comes up with the ocassional one shot comic books published by something like Top Shelf. I'd mail my pages via Fedex in town. That would be really cool. I've actually seriously contemplated something like that once or twice.)