Thursday, January 26, 2006

January 26 2006

Gilbert Monsanto has just begun a gargantuan task of drawing "every single Character inside our local komiks", a task that would certainly daunt me, but if there was anyone out there who could do it, Gilbert certainly can.

He's asking for help in getting reference for the various characters in local comics. It's no secret that no real archive exists and that such reference would be hard to come by. So I'm sure he'd appreciate all the assistance he can get.

I'm sure you'll get plenty of help, Gilbert, and to prevent any doubling, just let me know which character you need reference for and I just might have it.

Good Luck, man! Go here for Gilbert's Site.

Malakas at Maganda by Nestor Redondo
Isolation by Alex Nino

Randy Valiente has wrapped up his excellent essay on the art of Nestor Redondo and Alex Nino, offering an enlightening critical analysis of two of the greatest Filipino comic book illustrators and the relationship of one's art with the other. Check it out here. (In Tagalog only)

Dennis Villegas once again comes up with an informative and interesting article about an aspect of Philippine Comics history, the story of Pablo Gomez' PSG Publications. Really, this is something you literally can't get anywhere else. Dennis' blog is certainly becoming one of the most important resources, if not *the* most important resource on komiks history. I'm thankful that, as Dennis promises, all this will find itself in a book. Check out his article here.


On a personal front, I've been afflicted with a particularly BAD case of CTS. Click on the link. I don't even want to mention its name.

But it had been so bad that it made me swear off mouses forever. Thank God I have a tablet, and I'm making more use of keyboard shortcuts that enable me to do things that the mouse only used to do.

I had been pretty much disabled for the past week, struggling to draw, color on the computer and write with a right hand that was truly excruciating to use. I felt like screaming everytime I moved it.

This is time I put aside to work on Humanis Rex #11. So when you pick up the issue of Fudge with this on it, bear in mind that it was done through a whole mess of pain. These are pages from this story I won't ever forget. I can say that it hasn't really affected the quality of my work too much, except that it's taking much longer to finish than I would like. I guess I held back on putting in too much lines, but it's OK since I'm coloring it anyway.

It's a whole lot better today, thank goodness. Must be the bucketful of painkillers.