Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Redondo's Kurdapya, Crest Hut Update

Nestor Redondo
Written by Pablo S. Gomez
Tagalog Klasiks 117, December 26, 1953

Considered a masterpiece in Philippine Komiks, Kurdapya is written by Pablo S. Gomez, who considers this the biggest hit of his career. The first half of the story is illustrated by Nestor Redondo, with the latter half illustrated by Alfredo Alcala.

It truly is some of the finest artwork done by Nestor Redondo, intricately delineating carefully each figure, with distinct facial and bodily expressions.

Dennis Villegas is hard at work at getting this series compiled at reprinted into one volume, and it should see print later this year. If and when it comes out, be sure to get a copy to own for yourself some of the finest comic books ever to be created by Filipinos.


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