Saturday, January 07, 2006

Rudy Florese and Alex Niño

Rudy Florese's Naging June Bride Din Si Lola
Written by Tony Velasquez
Pinoy Komiks #82, June 30, 1966

The entire seven-page story has been uploaded at the museum and can be read in one go in one page. Click on image above or HERE. This is my favorite local work by my father in law Rudy Florese. This is probably Rudy's work at his very prime, employing intricate detail on a unique page layout to illustrate Tony Velasquez's genuinely touching story.

Alex Niño's Katuparan
Written by Fernan Santiago
Espesyal Komiks #297, October 11, 1965

The entire 5 page story has also been uploaded and can be read here. Or click image above.

This short story by Alex Niño is unique at the time it came out in that it used innovative paneling sequences not seen before in Philippine comics. Reminiscent of Bernie Krigstein, Niño manipulated panels to heighten drama, evoking cinematic movement. This is one of my favorite Alex Niño illustrated stories for local comics.

The Philippine Comcis Art Museum online also welcomes aboard comics historian and collector Dennis Villegas. He has been writing some amazing articles on Philippine comics history on his blog and I invited him to have his articles a permanent part of this site. Thanks Dennis!

The first article up at the site is The Story of Ace Publications, a relatively detailed but concise account of the history of the greatest comics publisher in Philippine history. Click Here.