Sunday, May 05, 2002

Star Struck

I can be so star struck sometimes. I just saw Cheri Mercado today right here in San Pablo! Cheri who? you might say. Well, I guess you'll only know her if you watch Philippine news at channel 2 or the early morning show Ala Sinko Y Medya on weekdays. She's not really an actress, but she started out as a news reporter, and is now an early morning news/variety show host. She's really very cute and I've had this little crush on her for a long time. I had dreamed of meeting her once, and wondered what it would be like. Well, today I saw her just a few meters away as she and Bobby Yan taped a segment for Ala Sinko Y Medya at a local food specialty shop, El Mare along the high way. Ilyn was with me and she was amazed at my reaction to Cheri. "My God! You're so star struck!!" she said. He.he. I guess I was. I wanted to get her autograph, but I got too shy to approach and ask.