Tuesday, July 16, 2002


It's so frustrating when someone has already done something you have come up with independently. I had been thinking about a sci fi story that I had been planning to do after all the stuff I had been doing. I thought it was a pretty nice idea and I told Noel Lim about it. He shook his head, took out this trade paper back and showed me that it has already been done before. I was really broken hearted. There I was thinking I was so clever I had created something really original when all the while someone had already done it. It's damned frustrating. I'm thinking of doing it anyway and to hell with it, but then again people might accuse me of ripping someone off.

It's happened a couple of times already. I had been thinking about a neat idea for superheroes and how to do them differently. I had the story all laid out. Who the characters are, what their motivations are, what the conflict is and how it will all end. I was crushed when I learned that a similar kind of story was done 15 years ago, and another writer did again for a series years later, all unbeknownst to me. Frustrating. Fucking shit!