Sunday, November 10, 2002

I was in Megamall yesterday to judge a Batman drawing contest that Comicquest was doing to promote Jim Lee and Jeph Loeb's turn in Batman starting with issue #608. There was a lot of entries that were really really GOOD. I had a tough time trying to get the top 3 entries for me. And the one that landed on my #1 was really cool. It all depends on the other judges now how the contest will ultimately fare.

Cholo Paz's Balik Sa Carriedo is finally available on CD! I never met Cholo personally, but I know his music well. I first heard one of his songs, "Anting-Anting" back in 1993 during the LA 105 days. He heard more songs like "Pulut Pukyutan" and I just fell in love with the music. It's Pinoy Folk at its best. Much to my surprise, I learned years later that Cholo was actually based in the US. To hear someone sounding so Pinoy in a foreign land was truly amazing to me. I began corresponding with him via email. He sent me copies of his tapes in exchange for WASTED. I ended up doing the cover for the CD version of this album. I don't think you can buy this CD at your local ODYSSEY, but you can get it (I think) at Cholo's site:


I had written a review of this album a long time ago back in my old site, but the old site's gone but you can still read my review there at his site. It's still one of my absolutely favorite Filipino albums. And I'm tickled pink to have it on CD. Thanks Cholo!!