Saturday, February 15, 2003

Just saw this at the FLIM's blog. Dammit! You told me you were going to send me more screen shots of the movie. Where the heck are they? Now I see you posted one at your blog. HM!

This was taken very early in our shooting. In fact, I didn't even have my apartment in Malate yet. I stayed at a hotel the previous night and went straight to the FLIM's house very early the next day. We shot a lot of footage that day. Most of which are pretty USELESS since NONE of them is in the SCRIPT. This is part of footage of me shooting a sidewalk cook simply because he looked at me funny. Totally out of context with the entire story. I don't know why the heck we even shot it, but it's good practice and that is a terrific composition by the FLIM. Hm! So he knows how to hold that damned camera. He's not so completely useless after all.