Tuesday, February 04, 2003

Some of my plants have died. It's the FLIM's fault. He keeps sending me these negative vibes by bellyaching about my gardening. He says I should be shooting instead of messing with plants. Really, when you plant, you feel like you're helping something alive grow. And when it does grow and grows healthy, you feel great. And when it dies, you actually feel bad. And man, did I feel bad earlier today when one of the seedlings I planted turned brown, inspite of my watering on a regular basis. The others seem OK though. It feels as though you lost a pet or something.

Anyway, I did some work on the Wasted Movie site. Everybody told me how much they HATED that front page. So I went and re-uploaded the old front page. I also added a director's bio and pic page as well as cast bio ang pics page. I also added a page where you can view a few screenshots from the movie.

I'm still inking Superman with a deadline in a week or so. I'm confident that I can finish it in time. I still can't believe I'm involved in a project involving the big "S". While it is great providing inks to a talented artist, I would like to get a shot at actually drawing the big guy one of these days.

I heard there was a BIG fire in town earlier today. It may still be raging right now. I certainly hope no one gets hurt. If there's one thing I hate dying of, it's FIRE. I'd rather drown, or freeze to death.

By the way, I'm one of the featured artists on the official Terminator 3 site. I did just one drawing very quickly where Arnold fights off a woman transforming into a giant weapon. It was really fun to do. It was hard trying to get Arnold's likeness and I'm not really sure I got it, but what the heck. :)