Sunday, May 23, 2004

Elpidio Torres

Elpidio E. Torres may not be as well known today as Nestor Redondo, Alex Niño, or Alfredo Alcala, but his talent and accomplishments were by no means inferior. In fact, he was one of the most popular komiks illustrators of his time. Incredibly prolific, Elpidio, in collaboration with legendary writer Mars Ravelo, created stores like Bondying, Mambo Jambo, Zorina, Dobol Trobol, Dyesebel, and Jack and Jill. Many of these were made into motion pictures which were made and then remade as time went on. Such is the universality and timelessness of their creations.

Some consider Elpidio as the Fernando Amorsolo of Philippine comics. He passed away in 1973.

For another sample of Elpidio's work, check out the cover he did for Tagalog Klasiks #97 in 1953 on the front page.