Friday, May 14, 2004

Fred Alcantara

Fred Alcantara may well be the greatest unknown Filipino comics illustrator. Most people have never heard of him, but komiks illustrators who were working at the time Fred was around cannot forget him. And each and everyone of them easily admit to Fred's talent and are all unanimous in their praise.

Sa Ngalan Ng Pag-Ibig, Page 1 of 3
Tagalog Klasiks 94, February 7, 1953

Very little is know about Fred aside from stories told about how Tony Velasquez saw Fred's work in an advertising ad and he invited Fred to work for comics. Fred worked on very few stories because Tony could not long afford his page rates. Fred's heart was more into advertising anyway so after illustrating a few stories in a span of a few years, he went back to advertising.

Fred has a well known brother named Ben Alcantara who was famous as the creator of the Gorio and His Jeepney cartoon strip.

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