Monday, April 30, 2001

I's seen great movies in recent times! Leinil Yu the Xmen dude let me barrow his DVDs. Chasing Amy, American Movie, Army of Darkniss. I's not seen Amry of Darkniss yet (lots of big work) but man! Chasing Amy absolitly cool!! Me ofendid a bit by stupid inker crack. Damn you Kevin Smith! You cool! Movie is cool! But that stupid inker crack will haunt us inkers for all years in the future!! I's swer if any a smartass makes stupid tracer crack at me I stab you with my teknikul pen dude I swer. Mark my words. I's go Liefeld on your ass.

MaRk Borchardt you cool man! Mark is indie filmaker which is subjict of movie American Movie. Its sooo funny I could maybe laugh dying. Its also a little sad. Becouse its all true like a dockumentery. Mark is a true people. So more funny that is.