Sunday, April 29, 2001

Me saw bright light in da sky! Very fast, like a, uh...a speeding bullet! It was dark see, becouse it was like night or something. And me look up and there it WAS! It can't be a airplane becouse planes blink at night! Yes, me smart to know that. Very few people not know that. It can't be comet, becouse any normal person know comets don't come until the TV says so. TV don't mention it so ergo, not a comet like that at all. Truly. Can't be a kite too because like DUH. Everybody know kites don't fly at night. So what it is? Me believe me saw Space Station!! So coooolness! Me blown myself up! Me so happy me insane.

Me no want comic artist anymore. Me want to study space. Me want to look into telescope all night. Me want to study planets and how to maybe raise chickens there. Me want to know all about science like that. Yes that right!! Me want to be SCIENTOLOGIST!!