Thursday, April 26, 2001

What an outburst. I get like that when I'm angry. I'm like the Hulk, see. When I get angry I get all crazy and stuff. But only with words though, and if I'm like totally pissed, I'd do a comic book about it. Then you watch out. That's right. I'm gonna go Liefeld on your ass.

Inking Fantastic Four!! Whoppee! 6 pages only tho. And I get to ink only the Thing. But thass cool. Thing is cool! He beat stupid people senseless. I gets to ink Xmen too soon! Nye he he. Wolvie dude, you mine now!

Me see Chasing Amy. Damn. Me inker. Me wanna go off on Kevin Smith but me know Kevin Smith only kidding or is he? Yes, I admit. Me tracer. TRACER. Happy? HAPPY? hmp.