Wednesday, June 06, 2001

A couple of people have been asking me to update my diary more often. I would, but most of the time I really don't have much to talk about. Nowadays my life is simply an endless routine of work, sleep, eat, girlfriend, and go to Nil's once a week. Nil has lent me his DVD of Fight Club a couple of weeks ago and I STILL haven't been able to watch it. Angela has also lent me a Wonder Woman TPB last week and I still haven't been able to read that.

I do check mail every once in a while through the course of the day. I still get interesting mail once in a while. I got a letter from a female artist from Ireland today which was really nice. Talked art and stuff. Some guy wrote asking me to manage his acting and singing career because he saw one of my stories in PULP. What's the connect?? Oh man, I'm not a manager, dude! But good luck! I got an email with an attached virus. It's an email that was sent to many subscribers of my MSC account. With a cursory trace, the email came from someone using another MSC account. Armed with an IP address, I approached MSC Support and told them about it. Strangely, they told me that the one logged in during that date and time using that particular IP address was none other then MY account. Holy CRAP! I wasn't using my MSC account during the time the email was sent. In fact, I haven't been using MSC for a bit and I've never sent emails to people with any other MSC accounts. Someone has been hacking my account and has been sending viruses with it! God DAMN! I changed passwords real quick.

I still get replies and sometimes violent reactions to my Filipino Comic Art article. I don't answer some of them anymore because they just talk about the same things over and over. Dudes, I'm not attacking your precious Manga. You're free to enjoy it as much as you can. The only think I've been saying is to BE ORIGINAL. How hard can that be to understand?