Friday, June 22, 2001

I just learned today that the offices of PULP Magazine, along with the publisher's house, burned down last June 10. Practically all the office equipment and all material currently being collected, developed and laid out for upcoming publications are now lost. I feel bad for Vernon Go, the publisher, because it's his house, and his equipment. I also feel bad for all the friends I have over there who lost their jobs.

Unfortunately all the originals of Wasted save for 1 page from issue 4 burned down as well. When I learned about it, I wasn't particularly devastated. Well, OK, I learned about it only a half hour ago so maybe it hasn't sunk in yet. But still I do get a sure feeling that while I may feel bad about it, it won't bother me too much in the long run.

Wasted has had a GREAT run. It was a project that I never expected would go where it eventually went. It's as if I created this little thing that grew into a monster (a good monster) that I could not control. Long after I thought I had put it behind me, it always came back, brought to me by people who liked it, who said that it had helped them in some way. Here in my computer are dozens and dozens of emails from people who had written to me about Wasted, all of them connected with the story or the characters. I started writing that book in a particularly BAD time of my life. I was ready to cash it in, give up. But the response to the book really encouraged me. It put me in touch with people who felt the same way, people who were going through the same crisis that I was. It made me feel good. Wasted, and the people who supported it, really saved my life. And I'm truly grateful for that.

Thanks to Budjette Tan and to Vernon Go, who both gave the chance for Wasted to be read by more people than I ever imagined.

Wasted had indeed got a great run. But I guess it's time to put it to rest and move on. Thanks to everyone who helped make the book possible, and thanks to everyone who wrote! I really appreciated reading all your letters.