Thursday, June 14, 2001

Yeah, yeah, I know I'd stay off the Internet for a while, but a lot of things went on that I just HAD to write down. I'm still currently doing the Xmen thing. I'm just a little over halfway through and the pressure is starting to mount. That's the way I like it! he.he.

Well today I was set on finishing a page before noon. That's what I was planning on doing. I'd wake up, eat my breakfast, hunker down to my desk and work all morning with coffee and iced tea. All right then. Then what the heck happened that less than 2 hours later I'm at a meeting at San Pablo City hall with the incoming Mayor Boy Aquino? I didn't even vote for the guy. This is what happened.

As I was having breakfast, my friend Cesar Esguerra called me up to say that we are going to have a meeting. As in within the hour. You see, Cesar and I are both architects, and we belong to the San Pablo Chapter of a Nationwide architect's organization called the UAP (United Architects of the Philippines). I told him I had a deadline and I can't go, but he said he too had work to do but we had to go because it was important. I still didn't know what was up, but since he said we will be meeting at the City Hall, then that probably meant talking with someone in authority about the organization and numbers were needed to convincingly make our case. So I agreed. I went there and when I met up with the other guys (and girl), we learned that we would be meeting no less than the upcoming Mayor himself. At the meeting he had a lot of plans that really sounded good and would bode well for San Pablo. I didn't vote for the guy, but it seems that I no longer feel bad that my candidate didn't win because this new guy seems to have the balls to make really good changes. Well let's see. But I didn't hang around long because I really had to go and work. And so here I am.