Wednesday, February 06, 2002

I went to Manila today to get a new monitor. I got a 17" one, which is so cool. I never realized how better a bigger monitor is than my old smoking 14" inch was. And yeah, that old thing literally smoked when I tried to turn it on the other night. I had to unplug it real quick because I was afraid it would catch fire.

At the mall I saw it was the opening of FROM HELL!! I wanted so bad to watch it, but I had to go back home so I could finish High Roads #2 by Saturday. I got myself a couple of comics/books. One was DK2 #2, and KIMOTA! The Ultimate Companion to Miracleman. Let me just say that Kimota is absolutely awesome. Since I'm a big Moore fan and a big Marvelman/Miracleman fan, this book is like treasure. As for comment. Bah.