Wednesday, February 13, 2002


The following is a review of Ochlocrat by longtime comics writer Tony Isabella (Moon Knight, Black Lightning, Avengers, Spiderman) and comic book reviewer. Thanks Tony!

by Tony Isabella

Installment #535 for CBG #1477
February 8, 2002


The Ochlocrat (Comics Conspiracy; $2.95) was more to my taste. This time
out, Doug Miers brings us a world where the high and the mighty are subject
to the rule of the mob, as expressed and enacted by an on-air and
on-the-streets "hero" called the Ochlocrat. The one-shot is drawn by Gerry
Alanguilan, best known as an inker, but proving here that he knows how to
wield a mean pencil as well. His realistic style plays nicely off the
mania of the story.

The Ochlocrat is always on, downloading the electronic wishes of millions
of certified voters before he takes action against his targets. Lawyers
have no place in this system of instant justice, except as opportunities to
jazz up the program with an explosion or two. It's the will of the people
that carries the day and, if the audience want their hero to have sex with
his target's mistresses, well, that's what the adults-only channel is for.

The reader, and perhaps Miers himself, feels both respect and contempt for
the Ochlocrat's audience. That audience wants what's right, but it also
wants its big explosions and sexual titillation.

The resultant comic book is a challenging mix of social satire and
sophomoric pandering. It won't be to every reader's taste, but I found it
funny and thoughtful.

The Ochlocrat earns three-and-a-half Tonys...and 78% of CBG's 65.8 million
readers think it would be funny if I wrote next week's Tips while wearing a
Wonder Woman costume. Been there, done that, still paying damages to the
thousands of people traumatized by the sight. But, hey, just to show I'm
willing to work with you, I'm making Diana the focus of next week's column.

Hera help me.


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