Sunday, September 15, 2002

I spent the entire week in Manila last week and I just got home a couple of hours ago. Quite a productive week I should say. We were supposed to shoot some scenes at San Beda church early this morning. But last night it was raining and Noel and I agreed that we would not be able to shoot because we really needed sunlight. I guess I was tired from all the things I had to do for the past week and said I would just rather go home. And well...guess what! It was a beautiful sunny day this morning! Arrgh!

We'll be having an official site for the movie. We've already reserved the domain and the future site can be found here:

Nothing there yet but the title, but it will be full of stuff soon. We're currently choosing screenshots that we can put up there and some ought to be up in the next couple of weeks.


I got a TON of comics last week! The new ones I got were Planetary/JLA because Warren is writing it and Jerry Ordway (my idol!) is drawing it. Haven't read it yet. I also picked up Whilce's Stormwatch #3. Hey Guys, High Roads #6, the final issue was just released. :)

And now for some goodies! I visited Goodwill bookstore again in Megamall and they just came out with a whole bunch of really CHEAP Marvel trades. I got SIX of them instantly. I got Greatest X-Men Battles (255 pesos-roughly 5 US dollars. It includes some really cool X-Men stories from Neal Adam's Sentinel Stories, the finale of the Dark Phoenix Saga, Days of Future Past and a Jim Lee issue), Greatest Avengers Battles (255 pesos and it includes that amazing Mike Golden annual with Rogue's first appearance), Greatest Marvel Battles (255 pesos. Just OK. Includes 2 X-Mens with Wolverine vs. Sabertooth, both written by Claremont and drawn by Rick Leonardi and Alan Davis respectively), Greatest Spiderman Stories, Marvel Masterworks ( 200 pesos. First few issues of the All New X-men) and MARVELS by Kurt Busiek and Alex Ross (300 pesos).

With the exception of probably Marvels and X-Men Masterworks, I would never have picked any of these books up at regular prices. But if I see more cool trades at these prices, I'll buy them all!!