Tuesday, September 16, 2003

I feel so tired. I sent off a Fedex box of Superman pages earlier today (in the rain), thought up and wrote a 10 page story for a comics anthology for December, and drew a Wolverine for Inkwell, the Inker's Mailing List. I can't talk about the anthology yet, but I did this Wolverine sketch for the Inkers group because we are currently having a kind of "challenge". Each inker would come up with a sketch of a favorite character, and through random selection, we would receive another member's sketch so we can ink it.

I got so busy today that it wasn't until 7pm did I realize I was sorta falling sick. I have cough and colds and I feel really bad. I'm so pissed everytime I get coughs because it almost always deteriorates into annoying and painful whopping coughs and in a time when people are SARS-paranoid, having a cough at this time would be the worse thing one can have. After a dinner of Bugong Chicken I decided to turn in early.

For some reason I woke up at 9:30 and I couldn't fall asleep again. I went to our studio (which is just another room in the house) to catch Ilyn creating a model for the San Pablo Seminary in the middle of Smallville. Strange. Here I am inking Superman and he's literally my favorite comics character ever, but I don't feel eager to watch Smallville every week. It's not the show is bad, in fact every episode I've seen so far has been nothing short of excellent. I can't explain it. That's probably why I think it's strange.