Saturday, September 27, 2003

It's 2:15 in the morning and I've just finished one of the most punishing deadlines I've experienced. I've been sick with the cough and colds on top of that and with every passing hour my body doesn't want to do anything but lie down and sleep. To make things even worse, Ilyn is much more sicker than me as she has fever on top of her colds and cough. Our pantry has run out, there's nothing more to eat in the house and we're both too sick (and too busy) to go out. I could have just called for take out, but my phone has been down all day, and my DSL has been down for the past couple of days. And if there WERE something to cook, I wouldn't be able to anyway because our gas ran out just this morning. I can't even use the phone to call for a replacement tank. The only person having a worse day than me is Jack Bauer of "24". I told none of this to any of my employers (although they just as may well find out if they read this) because I don't want to be seen as making "excuses". This is one thing any aspiring comic book artist must face at one point or another. That you have to finish that job no matter what and don't make excuses. If you're sick, if there is no power, no phone, whatever, you have to find a way to get your job done and do it without complaint. Finding solutions to your problems as an artist is part of the job.

The good thing is, my dear old mom caught wind that Ilyn and I were both sick and she brought us lunch and did some marketing for us. My phone and DSL finally came online tonight just as I needed to send pages. If it didn't, I'll just go back to the old house and use my brother's computer to send the files. I finally get to rest....but only for a few hours. I need to wake up at 6am so I can leave for Manila by 7:30. I need to be at Megamall at 10am for the Inquirer interview. I want to go home as soon as that is finished so I can spend the rest of the day just sleeping as Sunday is another big day.