Wednesday, March 17, 2004


Seemingly beyond my control, changes are going to happen, ARE happening to this site and to this blog. Already, the main page of the site is being taken over by the artwork of some of our greatest Filipino comics artists, and this blog has been peppered with news, observations, thoughts about vintage Filipino comics art and artists. It's hardly a deliberate direction that's been planned long in advance, but rather a natural evolution of my interests about comics.

I'm already starting to see a Philippine Comics Art website completely taking over KOMIKERO.COM, with my personal work taking a subdomain to it, probably Then this blog will be split, with my personal work and other pesonal stuff remaining here while I take all things that has to do with Philippine Comics Art to a new blog. I'll probably take a bigger account to accomodate this expansion.

I think it's pretty exciting thinking about it.... I've been planning a huge online database of Filipino Comics Art and artists for a long time. Witness one of my previous feeble attempts at it. I just didn't have the right direction, the right concept for it. Hopefully, this will finally be it.