Wednesday, March 10, 2004

From Left: Some bald guy, Ilyn, Rene, Jonas and Geoff

The Komikero group went to Alabang yesterday for a meeting with some guys we are doing a comic book with. I can't talk about it yet because if I do I'll be struck by lightning, I swear. But its going to be BIG. After the meeting, we all decided to eat at Gerry's Grill at Alabang Town Center. I swear, there's no better grilled Blue Marlin Steak than the one at Gerry's. Then Rene all of a sudden blurted out, "You guys wanna to to Tagaytay? I found a shortcut....45 minutes...tops!!" I thought whoah, I've got a deadline to meet, Jonas still has a job to get back to in Makati. There was no way I could spare the time. So I said, "YEAH! Let's GO!!" Geoff hasn't even been to Tagaytay yet so he this will be the first time he'll be seeing Taal Volcano so I was really happy for him.

On the way I fell asleep. I can't help it since I wasn't able to get much sleep the night before. I don't know how he did it, but while driving, Rene was able to take a picture of me snoring in the back. Jeez. By time we got to Tagaytay I was already awake and outside it was COLD. Freezing even! That's what's made Tagaytay so popular in a hot tropical country like this, aside from the fantastic view that is.

We hung out taking pictures on a ridge overlooking the Taal Lake courtesy of this place that sells really expensive coffee. But really, the best, as in the TRULY BEST tasting coffee you can get at Tagaytay is the one served by nuns at the Canossa Retreat House. I hated coffee before I was given a cup there many many years ago. Now I just can't get enough!

We went to Good Shepherd and got some bottled tawilis, then we went off to the famous Mushroom Burger of Tagaytay. You don't go to Tagaytay without first tasting mushroom burger, man! It's simply the best. That place has been there ever since I was a kid or even before that. What's great about it is that it's never changed since then. It's the same wooden building, the same jalousie windows, the same seats.

Rene brought us back to Alabang later and we all went home.

Of course, everyone was speechless about my hair. I still get messages from people who've seen the picture here. Everyone was asking WHY? To be honest, I just wanted to. I'm not going bald or anything, but it's just something I wanted to try and do, it's not really that big a deal, really. My dad's birthday is this month and so I thought I'd do it a as a present to him, you know, go to the house looking exactly like him. Although I do love seeing the reaction of people when they see me like this for the first time. My mom's reaction was PRICELESS. She was like, in pain, shaking hear head, messing up her hair, "Why? WHY?" she wails. My dad got a laugh out of it. I sorta look like HIM now. PERFECT Crest Hut material. he.he.