Sunday, March 14, 2004

A couple of people have asked if Ilyn was pregnant, having seen the picture of us in Tagaytay below. She's not. I am. he.he.


A new pocket sized comic book has just been released entitled REBOLUSYON, dedicated to the late Nonoy Marcelo, creator of Ikabod. The newspaper ad I saw in the Philippine Star today said it's available at your favorite bookstores and newstands, so I assume that might be National Bookstore, CA Comm and all those places. It didn't say if it was a compilation of Nonoy Marcelo's work, or the work of a group of artists paying tribute to him. The artwork on the cover doesn't seem to be drawn by Marcelo though. I'll have to check out this comic book out to be sure. I'll post a review of it here when I'm able to find a copy.