Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Komiks Art Book Update

A gathering of Filipino Komiks artists based in the US was held on May 31, 2004 at the house of Romy Lopez in California. Dell Barras sent us these pics of the gathering. Attendees included Alex Niño, Tec Mañalac, Danny Taverna, Jo Luna, Ernie Guanlao, Danny Tolentino, Madz Sanggalang, J.C. Ponce, Leo Partible and Romy Lopez. Huge thanks to Dell Barras for working on my behalf in getting in touch with these artists for their participation in the comics art book. Thanks sir!

I'm getting in touch with more and more artists word gets around about the site and the projects that are being planned. Some of the artists (and writers) that I've corresponded with recently include Joe Dalde, Ismael Esber, Danny Taverna, Randy Valiente etc.

I knew Ismael and Joe from my days in Terror Komiks where I started out. Ismael sent over a bunch of really amazing artworks, one of which I included here.

Dell also sent over several Nestor Redondo drawings, including the one below which Nestor produced while working for Cailico, a California animation company.

The main page of the site has been updated with a Nestor Redondo artwork from Espesyal Komiks from 1958. Click here for the FRONT PAGE.