Sunday, June 27, 2004

Philippine Comics Art Museum

There's not much there yet, and in fact it contains some of what the main Komikero site contains, but the Philippine Comics Art Museum is finally online.

I'll work on the site whenever I get a break and I'm quite sure that by this time next year, the site will be pretty huge. I've already upgraded the account so the site can handle bigger files and bandwidth.

What's really new with the site is Noly Panaligan's profle which you can find here. This profile will serve as a template/format by which other profiles will follow and adapt. Speaking of Noly, I had the chance to visit the wake yesterday in Sucat. I really wish I could have met him in person. The family seems like such a good bunch of people. I was able to meet other komiks artists like Yong Montano, Angel Martinez, Rico Rival, Abe Ocampo, Noly Zamora, Ben Pabulos and this strangely, but amusingly eccentric painter by the name of Leonardo Cruz.

Toycon is today! See you all later if you're coming. For some strange reason, I don't want to go. I'm not really excited by it. I wish I could just stay home and sleep. Really. The other night I dreamt that I still wasn't finished with Birthright and I still have HALF an issue to finish. I woke up panicky and sweating.