Monday, June 28, 2004

Toycon 2004

Good thing I didn't flake out and skipped the Toycon. I had a great time!

The Komikero booth and the Kenkoy booth. Manning the Komikero booth here are Komikeros Jac and Jerald (and guest Lyra). Manning the Kenkoy booth is komiks art collector/publisher Dennis Villegas.

Komikeros Jonas, Jac and Jerald.

Wilson Tortosa (Tomb Raider artist), Carlo Vergara (writer-artist of Zsa Zsa Zaturnnah) and ME!

The con venue was was literally bursting at the seams with people! Divisoria at Megamall!!

Komikeros Raipo and Mylene having fun at the YoYo show.

Komikero Johnny and Mr. Vincent Kua III (Siklab)

One special event at the con was the launching of the 1934 Kenkoy Album reprint, the very first comic book in the Philippines. The event was graced by the extraordinarily energetic 80+ year old widow of Kenkoy's creator Tony Velasquez. Here she is being interviewed for UNTV, while Dennis Villegas looks on.

At the end of the con, Jonas collapses in a heap, drooling all over the original art.

Tired, me and Ilyn take a snack. Who is that girl in the background? She is actually smiling and posing for the shot and we didn't even see her.

Knowing that we will be staying really late in Manila for this con, me and Ilyn decided to get a room at a hotel near the venue. This is a shot from the 22nd floor the following day. Megamall, the venue of the con is on the extreme right.