Thursday, February 10, 2005

Filipino Artists

Filipino Artists

Research continues for the Filipino Comics Art book as I met with some of our best artists for interviews and photo ops.

I recently met with several comics artists inclduding (from left), Steve Gan, Nar deMesa, Noly Zamora, (me!) and Nestor Malgapo.

Steve Gan is known as the artist on the original Panday and illustrated various stories for Marvel including Conan, Tomb of Dracula, Skull the Slayer and Brak the Barbarian.

Nar De Mesa illustrated short stories for Espesyal Komiks, TSS, Darna Komiks, etc, with various writers including Deo Fajardo Jr., Lualhati B. De La Cruz, and Mila Valdez.

Noly Zamora illustrated well known characters like Korak, John Carter of Mars and Vampirella for DC and Warren.

Nestor Malgapo was the creating artist on Mars Ravelo's Flash Bomba, and he drew various successful stories by Ravelo including Wanted: Perfect Mother and Haydee. Nestor illustrated many short horror stories for DC Comics. He is a regular visitor to this site as well!

Thanks to all of them for allowing me to butt in on their meetings, specially Nestor Malgapo for providing some awesome artwork that will do nothing but enrich this site, as well as the upcoming book. Thanks sir!