Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Silent Dragon 6

Silent Dragon #6
Written by Andy Diggle
Pencilled by Leinil Francis Yu
Inked by Gerry Alanguilan
Colored by Dave Stewart
Lettered by Jared K. Fletcher
Edited by Ben Abernathy

There you go, my last inking job for the time being. I'm disappointed I didn't get to ink the fifth issue, but I knew I had to let it go for this book to stay in schedule. But all in all, I'm quite happy with the work I did here.

Some people have gotten in touch with me with regards to the sale of original art from this series. I just sent Leinil the entirety of issues 1 to 3 and I'm fairly certain that he will be selling most, if not all, of that. Those issues contain most of the kick-ass art in this series so expect to see those pages up for sale somewhere soon.

It's more than what I should have gotten, but I got the all of issues 4 and 6, thanks to Leinil. (Thanks man!) We also split the pages to Batman/Danger Girl and I got 14 pages from that.

I don't intend to sell my pages though. Some people may be under the impression that I'm holding on to them in the hopes that I could sell them for much more later, but the real reason I want to hold on to them is because I just want to hold on to them. I'd like to keep as much of my original art as I can, and I've no intention of selling them now or in the future. Once in a while some of them may turn up, but that's only because they were sent to the CBLDF or ACTOR.

I can't wait to see a trade of this so I can read them in one go. Believe it or not, like most of the books I inked, I haven't read this in comic book form yet. To be honest, I've yet to read Superman: Birthright or Batman/Danger Girl as well. I guess it's the familarity with the artwork, as someone who had helped tell this story, makes it difficult for me to get into the story as a reader. I'm always taken out of the reality of the story by certain lines, certain textures, certain drawings I remember doing.

Because the working time on this series got pushed back for a variety of reasons, working on finishing this series ate into time I needed to finish my other commitments. I didn't have time to rest after Silent Dragon as I immediately jumped into those other projects, and I'm still desperately trying to finish some of them now. It's been a pretty difficult past few weeks and it's not yet over. Apologies go to everyone I owe work to, and rest assured I'm doing everything I can to finish the work as fast as I can without sacrificing quality.

Back to work!