Monday, April 15, 2002

2 weeks now in my apartment. Pissed by cockroaches, I went to some extreme measures to get them the hell away from me. Aside from the typical bug spray, I got myself a mosquito net, and gathered a basketful of pandan leaves to spread around the apartment. I'd take a bunch of leaves, tie them together and place them on windows, inside cabinets, beneath the bed, near doors etc. Pandan leaves are known to offend cockroaches. They'll be pissed, but they'll stay away. Good riddance damn bugs. Now I understand Starship Troopers a little bit more.

Got home to a TON of mail. An Art of Rudy Nebres book arrived via Fedex thanks to Ben Ramos. Thanks Ben! Your Francisco V. Coching book is on the way! Also via Fedex came an original copy of the Shaolin Soccer Special Edition Widescreen DVD. Coolness!! I've been watching almost nothing but this for the past two weekends. I never get tired of it. In fact, I understand no Cantonese, but I can recite certain dialogue word for word! he.he. To je sai!! Miramax has bought the rights to show this in the US, moved the showing back to 1st quarter of 2003, changed the title to Kung Fu Soccer, received plenty of hate mail from loyal fans, and will now be releasing the movie back to its original title. Good for you! Now don't even think of messing with the soundtrack, and I hope you get really good dubbing actors.

Shooting hasn't resumed yet on the Wasted movie. I spent the last week dealing with a High Roads deadline and met with director Noel Lim on how certain scenes will be shot. Due to limitations on budget and equipment, we're trying to solve certain problems with regards to staging certain scenes. I'm continuing to write the screenplay, which is just basically translating the comic story to tagalog. Very little will be changed in the structure of the story. Of course, I do realize that film is a totally different medium altogether that's why Noel Lim is there to see the story through the eyes of a filmmaker.

This week I'll be attending our annual Architect's convention from Thursday to Saturday, the United Architects of the Philippines (UAP) National Convention at the Manila Midtown Hotel in Malate, which incidentally, is just a 10 minute walk from my apartment. So from Thursday on, I'll be wearing my Architect's cap for a few days. This is one of those rare times you can see me all respectable in leather shoes and barong. he.he. Till next week!


Applicable to the Philippines only, and to those with PLDT lines! I was browsing the Inquirer today and I saw their big ass ad introducing PLDT VIBE, their built in Internet connection which you can have free for a month! Any surfing after that will be billed directly to your phone bill. And with just 30 pesos an hour for peak hours and 15 pesos an hour for off peak hours well, that's not so bad. I only have a 33K modem so I have no idea how fast it can go, but it's as fast as my current Internet provider now, which is not so bad too. I just followed the instructions on the newspaper, and here I am, surfiing like CRAZY! Philippine Daily Inquirer, April 15, 2002, page A28. Check it out!!

Damn, I sound like a PLDT ad. Hey PLDT, you ought to be paying me! he.he.