Monday, April 08, 2002

Back from my first week all by myself in my new apartment. Whew! It's amazing how much work I get done! Without any distractions brought about by my computer, TV, DVD player, comics etc., I'm left with nothing else to do but just draw. It's been fun, if a bit hot. First thing I had to buy was a fan.

I'm getting a mosquito net next. Not that there are a lot of mosquitoes, really. I hardly see any of them. It's the damn cockroaches I'm worried about. One bit me in the foot in the first night. I haven't been bitten by a cockroach before and it damned sucks. I couldn't let the fucker get away so I chased it until I smashed it's body to bloody pieces. It's friend took revenge on me one night in the week because I woke up one morning part of my neck swollen because of a bite. Damn it!

I'm getting a CD player after that. Even though I can live without the computer, Internet and TV, going through the day without music is enough to drive me crazy.

High Roads #1 came out during the week and some reviews have come out.....
From The Fourth Rail:

Critiques On Infinte Earths by Don MacPherson

Recommended (8/10)

"The greatest strength of this book is easily Yu's artwork. It's far more focused and grand in scope than previous efforts on such books as Wolverine and Uncanny X-Men. There are a number of strong and positive influences at play in his work here, from Howard Chaykin to Chris Bachalo, from Jim Lee to John Cassaday. His highly detailed and kinetic art really draws one into the story, and the character and background designs are stunning."

For more, go here:

Snap Judgments by Randy Lander
Mildly Recommended (6/10)

"So, basically, you've just read an entire review that boils down to: art fantastic, writing disappointing. Well, yeah. It's just that I found the dichotomy so striking, as Yu's artwork is gorgeous and detailed on every page, with incredible inks by Alanguilan and gorgeous, lush colors by Avalon Studios, and the script is full of godawful, unfunny dialogue. I was one of the many criticizing Marvel for the "'Nuff Said" month of silent storytelling... now I find myself wishing Cliffhanger would try a similar experiment for about six months."

For more, go here:

From Spinnerrack:

"So far, High Roads is a fun read with a bit of action, and it has got to be Leinil Yu's best work to date. If you're looking for a new series, try this one."
—Brian Meredith

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