Monday, August 26, 2002

Pol Medina

Wow, I met the creator or Pugad Baboy yesterday, Pol Medina!! He was really cool! He was funny, jokey, down to earth, and he looks and acts pretty much like the characters in his strip. ha! ha! I had him sign my Pugad Baboy: Pirata graphic novel. I was amazed because he knew me and he knew my name. I was awestruck, star struck. Pol is only the most talented cartoonist to arrive in Philippine Komiks in the last couple of decades, you know? This guy's talent is unbelievable. Check out his site:

I'm continually amazed that he never runs out of jokes. I asked him about it and he said that he just doesn't make them up. He said that he gets his jokes from the everyday things that happen to him and around him. It must take some imagination to do that, really. Because I tried to make a comic strip once, and I lasted only 10 strips before I ran out of jokes.

There are some pictures of us (Leinil, Edgar Tadeo, Arnold Arre, Carlo Vergara etc) Meeting Pol. I'll post it up here and at my site when they arrive.