Thursday, August 22, 2002

Wow, this Internet cafe I'm in Malate now is incredible! Surfing is unbelievably fast, the fastest I've ever used, it's amazing. It's the only reason I'm even considering updating my blogger from outside my home in San Pablo.

Ok, more Wasted shooting the past few days. Very tiring. Its still inimidating having to "act" in front of a lot of people who are surprised to see you there and would like to watch. After a while I stop to care really. Noel Lim is taking a lot of takes which really takes a lot out of me. I'm starting to understand why he chose ME for this role, aside from the fact that he can get me for fucking FREE since this is my story and I have some vested interest in it too. I think Noel is doing a movie with an "anti-movie hero hero". Meaning, he's going against the standard belief that movie heroes ought to be tall, good looking and attractive, having voices that is deep, beautiful and well articulated. Good, because I'm NONE of those. He's going against every possible cliche there is about action movies, trying to come up with something new and fresh. Good for him! I'm just along for the ride. Just let me sleep once in a while dammit!

I got a couple of comics yesterday from Robinson's Place. I got a couple of Alan Moore TPBs namely Tom Strong Book 1 and Promethea Book 3. I also got Neil Gaiman's Murder Mysteries as adapted into comics by P Craig Russel. Absolutely awesome book that has a twist at the end that's of the "Sixth Sense" caliber. Great job Neil, Craig! You guys are awesome!

How's the job, Jac? Ed, may atraso ka sa akin. You gonna pay, man. Chez and Paulo, kamusta? Lets rehearse! Ange, Ner, see you later! still da best!