Thursday, August 29, 2002

SICK....AGAIN! Oh, and Nude Models

Yeah, here I am, sick again. I'm so sick of it. The Monday after the signing, I fell sick with fever. Is still feel bad now, in fact, but ah what the heck.

And as I lay there in bed, my thoughts go back to Ochlocrat. Before I accepted the job, I asked Doug Miers, the writer, if he could make a story that didn't have a main FEMALE character in it because I was still having difficulty drawing women. Ok, the main character in the book was male, but it had a lot of women in it, plus a MAJOR supporting female character. AARRGH!

Have you seen the book? My women suck. And I ask myself why that is seriously now, specially that I'm doing more pencilling jobs than ever. Back when I was still a trainee at DAVID IMAGE comic book company based in Binondo, a manga comic book company, a certain day was set aside for figure drawing with a nude female model. To be honest, I've never seen a naked woman right in front of me at that time. Ok, we did go to Baguio many years earlier for a totally nude girlie show, but that was different. Then it was all flashing lights and stuff and it all seemed unreal. The idea of seeing a girl totally naked just like that in front of me scared the hell out of me. I did not report for training that day. And before that and since then, I've always been squeamish when I draw women, specially the more delicate parts.

This is perhaps the reason why I've never drew women well. It's just that I never drew them enough. I want to try drawing from a nude model, for real this time. I feel like I really need to improve this skill or I'm doomed. Thing is, I don't know WHERE to get a model. I suppose this is easy enough for other artists, but not for me, obviously. Anybody know anyone willing? Of course, this will be completely *cough* professional and the model will be compensated.

All right, it's back to bed and Kurosawa's Red Beard for the FOURTH time.