Friday, June 13, 2003

Last week, I don't exactly remember when, me and Ilyn took our dog, Eugene, out for a walk. After a while Eugene smelled something inside a plastic bag along the sidewalk and when I tried to tug he woudn't budge. I looked at what he was smelling and Ilyn and I both saw a little kitten. It was probably the offspring of some person's cat and they didn't want it so they threw it away. Ilyn wanted to take it home but I didn't want to. It was too young to be on its own and without its mother, chances are very high that it will die. But after considering it a little bit more I decided to take it home after all. I thought that we'd give it our best shot at saving it. We called the little kitten Smeagol.

I scoured the town for a medicine dropper and bought some fresh milk. I tried to feed Smeagol a little every once in a while. I placed her in a huge box with lots of newspapers and used shirts so she could be warm. The little kitten was really loud. It cried all night and all day and all night again, looking for its mother. We tried to comfort her as much as we could. After a few days she seemed to grow stronger as her appetite for the milk grew. But her eyes were still closed. After a few more days, her meowing seemed to grow weaker. She still drank a lot of milk, but she seemed to grow weaker and weaker. This morning Smeagol died. There was nothing we could do. She had been just too young to be apart from her mother. I curse whoever left her on the sidewalk. They could have at least waited until she was strong enough to be on her own and we would gladly have taken her in.