Thursday, June 05, 2003


I've been a Star Trek fan ever since I could remember. My very first Star Trek memory is watching a black and white Kirk on the bridge of the Enterprise being happy and victorious after capturing a comet (which episode was this?). I wasn't able to finish watching it because my parents forced me to go to bed and sleep. It was late they said. Kids shouldn't stay up late. I was so frustrated I still remember it some28 or so years later!

Now I'm 35 I've watched them all. I've seen all episodes of the original series, most of the Next Generation, some of Deep Space 9, some of Voyager, and half (so far) of Enterprise. While the original series will always be my favorite, I just love watching Enterprise now. I was disappointed to learn that it wasn't rating that good in the US. Which is baffling to me because I think it's one of the most imaginative, exciting and fun Star Trek so far. Maybe people are complaining that the Enterprise ship is too slow and weak, Scott Bakula is too bland, the stories boring. WHAT? Are we watching THE SAME show? I love Enterprise because they struggle with what the other Star Treks have taken for granted. The simple matter of transporting from the ship to a planet and back is a serious matter, being a new technology for them. Communication with alien species is more realistic because they don't speak english right off the bat. They need their communications officer to slowly decipher then translate the language. At last Enterprise has shown what the true potential of a communications officer really is, rather than just saying, "Hailing Frequencies open sir! Aye Sir! They are not responding sir!" There is no prime directive yet so they have to slowly discover the need for one. And the difference I'm most happy with is that they've gotten really REALLY good actors this time around. The characters seem more human, and lot less stiff than a lot of the characters in previous Treks. I can't wait to watch the next episode!!

And at last! I've finaly seen NEMESIS, the 10th Star Trek movie. And I'm puzzled. This is the least earning movie of the entire franchise. A lot of my friends think this movie sucks, and sucks even more for trying to do a Wrath of Khan. Again I ask...are we watching THE SAME movie? I thought NEMESIS was spectacular. I loved it! Nothing more I can say than that....