Thursday, June 19, 2003

I'll be at the 2nd Annual Toys and Collectibles Convention on the 5th Floor of SM Megamall this Saturday, June 21 from 1pm to 6pm. I'll be selling Wasted, as well as a Preview of my upcoming KOMIKERO Portfolio book. I'll be hanging out there with many other artists including ZsaZsa himself, Carlo Vergara, Ryan Orosco, Wilson Tortosa, Carlo Pagulayan, etc.

The KOMIKERO Portfolio book came about when I started to move house late last year. I cleaned out my room and in the process stumbled upon stacks of my old artwork, most of them have so far gone unpublished or have had only very limited release. I wanted to get this stuff out there somehow, so I put together what I can and put it into this book. It's interesting, at least for me, to see the various kinds of things that I have done over the past 10 years. I'm at least glad to say that I never got stuck to just one way of drawing.

Right now I'm not so sure when exactly I can release it. It really just depends on when I get my next checks. It will take a lot of money to publish my own book and once I get it I'll be setting aside part of it to get this printed.