Friday, November 28, 2003

The EIGHTH Lake of San Pablo? I've always wondered about this deep valley I pass by everytime I would go to Los Banos. This valley can be seen before leaving San Pablo on the left where the Soriano Industries compound is located. Over the years I heard that it was simply a valley, or a river, and the most tantalizing thing I heard that it was in fact, the mysterious 8th lake of San Pablo City, a city that has always considered itself as the "City of Seven Lakes".

I had a chance to go to Soriano Industries this afternoon because Mr. Frank Soriano is one of the generous sponsors of our Comics Art Festival. He donated a certain amount of money, and more importantly, some coco fiber that we would need to install on our bamboo stands where we will be displaying our artwork. I asked the foreman there about the valley and he told me with great pride, that it was in fact a lake. It wasn't simply a valley, or a river, it was indeed a lake called "TIKIW". I rushed excitedly over to the edge for a view and there it was right below me. The water is small, and is nearly hidden by a huge sheet of water lily, but it was a spectacular sight nonetheless. I've heard no legends about this lake, no stories, no fairy tales of any sort. In fact, many people in San Pablo don't even know it exists.

I think people SHOULD find out about it, how beautiful it is, and to promote the need to preserve it. An idiot politician almost turned this place into a garbage landfill not too long ago. This same idiot politician was the one who made real estate theft legal in the Philippines. What a TOTAL idiot.

I think this lake would bear some research and as soon as this festival is over, I'll visit this place once again and find out all I can about it.