Thursday, November 27, 2003

I stayed over at Leinil's place for a couple of days to blast through some pages of Superman Birthright. I always enjoy staying over there because almost always we'd have other artists over like Ryan Orsoco, Ed Tadeo, and Augy De Lara and we'd work on our projects. We entertain ourselves as we work by having something on the TV and this time it was the Extended Edition of Lord of the Rings: Two Towers. We went for Starbucks before it closed so we could stay up later, but we stay up later anyway even without it so we just do it to take a break and take a walk. On the picture there from left is Edgar, Amie, Me and Leinil.

I met with Carlo Pagulayan, one of the guests we will be having at the festival here in San Pablo. Over there with me is Jeffrey and on the extreme right is Carlo. A VERY talented artist. Jeffrey is as yet unpublished, but he's pretty good inker himself, trying to break in. Carlo on the other hand, is a published artist, having worked on Marvel's Elektra and Emma Frost. We went to the venue just to show them where it will be.