Sunday, November 30, 2003


Before anything else, I have a message for FLIM. I got your text...I coudn't reply because my phone is...well, broke. Yeah, I can help you go to any place where I've taken my pictures. Just tell me when...just as long as it's after the festival.

And speaking of the festival....ONE MORE WEEK TO GO!

It hasn't been raining the past several days and we all certainly hope this weather holds until Sunday. We spent the past couple of days putting together the artwork that we will be displaying. 180 pieces of artwork can be displayed, but we've only processed only 154 so far. The guys stayed overnight last night to do this as I inked, trying to finish Superman. Lots more Festival stuff to take care of this week, but I gotta set aside a couple of days to finish this Superman issue. I hope to be finished with everything as soon as I can so I can think of nothing else but the festival until Sunday.