Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Federico Javinal 1

Pilipino Komiks #213, July 30, 1955
Pilipino Komiks #192, October 9, 1954

Me and Dennis Villegas visited Federico Javinal today in his home in Pasig. I had wanted to meet him because I consider him to be one of the giants of Filipino comics art and that I really wanted to include him in the Philippine Comics Art book. He began drawing comics in 1950 and he has amazingly continued to work and have his work published until illness forced him to retire just this year.

He is widely known as a frequent Francisco Coching collaborator, but I realy believe Federico has an identity of his own. Hearing him talk about Francisco Coching was kind of touching because his respect and loyalty to Coching is so obvious and apparent and he believes to this day that Coching was the greatest Filipino comics illustrator to ever live. Federico's desk is full of compiled Coching novels and he had stories for each and every one of them.

Sadly, he hardly remembers his own early novels like Bambino, Hokus-Pokus and Pandora, which are quite remarkable pieces of art on their own. He even said that if I didn't remind me of them he would have forgotten them all together.

I'm currently working on Federico's profile and I'll try to put it up soon....