Monday, July 05, 2004


I've run into some interesting local comics the past couple of months, most of them definitely interesting which I'll talk about a little bit in the next few weeks. One of my favorites has definitely been Reno Maniquis's MASKARADO:

4 issues are now available! I've yet to pick up my copy of #4, but I'll make sure I do very soon. Reading this series is such a trip because it's so reminiscent of classic Pinoy Komiks I loved, and still love to read. I've always entertained the idea of doing a comic book with 4-5 page increments ending always in "Itutuloy!" as a cliffhanger. I even thought of a classic-like Pinoy character: Angkan ni Kumander Kwago One day maybe, One day! For the meantime, I'll just enjoy Reno's Maskarado.

Recently released is SIKLAB, an anthology magazine of stories by long time Filipino comcis creators like Vincent Kua III, Randy Valiente, Romy Don, Buddy Paraiso, Lawrence Mijares and talented newcomers like Patrick Berkenkotter. I read through it and most of it is pretty good. Lawrence Mijares, posting as "Wilkins" in the message board, is responsible for some of the more active, much talked about, and at times controversial discussions there. Indeed, Siklab magazine contains some potentially controversial articles from the pen of of Mr. Mijares. I think it is good that certain issues of the Philippine comic book industry are so passionately addressed by him. He sheds light on things we either didn't know about, or things we should think more about.

Komikero Henry Anima II has released his first mini comics called Children of the Dam at the recent Toycon. It's written by a fella going by the name of OJ (Simpson? he.he.) and drawn by Henry. It's a very interesting story, very haunting and somewhat sad. I don't know where you can get a copy, but for certain you can get one from Henry himself by visiting his blog here.

Thanks to Mike Simbulan of Comicquest for giving me a bunch of free stuff last Saturday. I didn't know it was Free Comics Day, but I'm still grateful anyway. Those are a bunch of really interesting comics. I'll get around to reading them later later.