Friday, July 16, 2004

New Museum Feature

Starting today, a new feature is added to the museum. Once in a while, I will feature a particular comics issue and include high resolution scans of the cover and several selected pages from within. My first feature is Liwayway Magazine Vol. 2 #15, with a cover by Hugo Yonzon. Included are scans from Francsico V. Coching's legendary Hagibis comics strip, Islaw Palitaw, an early work by a still developing Larry Alcala, Kenkoy by Tony Velasquez, an ad illustration by Fred Alcantara, and "Mga Sulyap Sa Buhay" by Lib Abrena (see scan above).

Liwayway Magazine, published since the early 1920's and is still going strong, is widely considered as the magazine that gave birth to the Philippine comics industry.

The Philippine Comics Art Museum